Cabin Air and Engine Filters Require Service

What would happen if your car had no air filters as you drive it around Idabel, OK? You would probably have to struggle to breathe due to the dust kicked up while your engine also undergoes a dirt attack. Courtesy of cabin and engine air filters, however, we are able to drive absent worry of such matters.

An engine air filter protects your motor from rocks, mud, ice, dirt, and much more. Similarly, a cabin filter prevents any air pollutants from entering your interior. Both of these play a crucial role when it comes to your comfort during the drive. Therefore, you must properly maintain and service them.

A good rule of thumb is to never let your car go more than 30,000 miles without replacing both of the aforementioned air filters. Failing to do that can make your motor vulnerable and your cabin full of outside chemicals. To avoid that undesired scenario, make sure you visit us at James Hodge Ford Inc. and have your car's cabin and engine filters replaced at routine intervals!

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