Innovation of Design; Ford and HoloLens

When you think of innovation in the automobile industry the first thing that pops into your mind is probably self-driving cars. Well there is much more to innovation than meets the eye, as Ford is showing us with their testing of mixed reality in their design process. The design process for cars has always been time consuming and less than efficient, from hand drawn sketches, to three-dimensional computer renderings, and full scale models. The design process needed some innovation and that is exactly what Ford has set out to do.

Utilizing the advanced HoloLens mixed reality headset, Ford is testing a new integrated design process that connects designers like never before. The headset eliminates the need for creating a new model every time there is a new design, HoloLens overlays digitally rendered vehicle designs over current production models. This drastically reduces design times and allows for designers to be more connected and make edits in real time.

The ability to make edits immediately and see the effects of those changes makes the design teams more efficient. For example, the process to change the size or shape of a side mirror currently takes days or even weeks to understand the effect! With the use of mixed reality that change can be made in minutes or even seconds and the designers get visual feedback to understand the changes.

Ford is continuing their tradition of innovation in every vehicle they produce. If you are interested in an innovative new Ford vehicle schedule a test drive at our Idabel, OK dealership and learn all about what a new Ford vehicle can do for you.

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