Innovation of Design; Ford and HoloLens

When you think of innovation in the automobile industry the first thing that pops into your mind is probably self-driving cars. Well there is much more to innovation than meets the eye, as Ford is showing us with their testing of mixed reality in their design process. The design process for cars has always been time consuming and less than efficient, from hand drawn sketches, to three-dimensional computer renderings, and full scale models. The design process needed some innovation and that is exactly what Ford has set out to do.

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The Benefits of Gap Insurance

It is always very exciting to purchase a new vehicle. However, once you leave the lot with your new ride, the value immediately drops down and you are now responsible for anything that happens to your vehicle. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it is because of this that people choose to purchase car insurance. There are different parameters for vehicular insurance but ideally, when you are involved in an accident, your insurance company will give you money depending on what value they assess your vehicle at.

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2017 Ford Mustang is One Top-Flight Two-Door

We here at James Hodge Ford Inc. have to hand it to our beloved American brand. It did an altogether incredible job with its sports car icon, the 2017 Mustang.

Wondering why we feel as we do?

Then, scope the clip below, a video review of the Mustang from carwow pundit Mat Watson. Have at it right here:

Arguably our favorite engine across the Mustang catalog, the mid-level EcoBoost iteration is a gem.

Good for a potent 310 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque, this turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder is available with your choice of either a six-speed manual transmission…

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Try Out Autotrader's Hottest Car of Summer 2017

How would you like to get behind the wheel of summer 2017's hottest car?

Autotrader recently compiled a top ten list of the hottest cars on the summer based on which vehicles had the most search activity on their site. The Ford F-150 sits proudly at the top.

We can't say this comes as much of a shock. The Ford F-150 celebrates its 40th birthday this year, marking its fourth decade of gathering accolades and the love of dedicated fans since it first rolled out in 1977.

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Embrace the final days of summer with the Ford Escape

With summer drawing to a close, now is the best time to really go out with a bang. Why not pack your bags and plan a little rendezvous at a beautiful summer destination? James Hodge Ford has got the perfect way to travel sitting right here on our dealership floor, the 2017 Ford Escape.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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The Ford Escape will always safely aid in your arrival anywhere, especially when you…

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